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My Space

Charter of the participants

This space is devoted entirely to you! Ask your questions, share information, discuss!

To preserve the quality and harmony of the discussions generated on this forum, we invite you to respect these few basic rules.



Our hope is that any message entered on the forum will be respectful and polite. Just as in day-to-day life, a simple hello or a little thank you will be appreciated by your interlocutors and make you an exemplary member!

In addition, we ask that you make sure of the relevance of your contribution to the different forum sections and themes. An off-topic publication will be detrimental to the thread.

Before publishing a question or a message, using the search engine will be of great help. When you search with the keywords that interest you, you can be sure about whether the question has been dealt with in the past or not, or possibly even find an immediate answer to your query.

To preserve the commercial neutrality of the forum, it is prohibited to publish messages inviting users to visit a website that has nothing to do with the theme of the discussion.

The recipe for collecting satisfactory replies: make sure to be as clear and precise as possible, while providing enough in the way of explanations to be perfectly well understood.

Also, beware of sarcasm and irony, which are hard to fathom in writing and which lead to confusion more often than otherwise.

And of course, no foul, vulgar or aggressive language will be tolerated on My space.

Courtesy, clarity and the conciseness of your messages, these are the keys to being properly understood and communicating effectively


Writing tips

See that you are perfectly understood by minimizing the use of abbreviated text, and checking the spelling of your messages.

The use of emoticons can serve to express your state of mind or to clarify the tone of a message that is open to interpretation. Feel free to use them…but sparingly!

Other aids, like writing in capitals and repeated punctuation marks, may give the impression that YOU’RE SHOUTING, or that you’re annoyed. Take special care here!

Moderator’s role

The moderator is charged with informing users about the themes dealt with in the forum by providing complementary information, and will guide the discussion if necessary.

Moreover, the moderator will see to compliance with netiquette. Any message not respecting the ground rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the forum.



This forum is confidential! Only your pseudonym will be visible to the eyes of other members. To preserve that confidentiality, please do not enter any information that could reveal your identity or that of another Internet user.