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My Space

Frequentely Asked Questions

I created my profile, but I haven’t received the confirmation email. What’s going on?

In case you don’t get the confirmation email, the first thing is to check whether the email didn’t end up in your spam box. If you did check and the email isn’t there, get in touch with us, specifying My Space as the subject and explaining the situation. We’ll do the required tests, and if necessary activate your account manually.

What’s an avatar?

An avatar is a personalized image making it possible to identify you if you take part in discussion forums (just like the username). You can use one of the pictures we’ve selected for you in our gallery, or upload a (decent) photo of your choosing that represents you.

What’s a pseudonym and what’s it used for?

The pseudonym (also called username) will be used only if you participate in the discussion forums. It’s a way for people to identify themselves to other subscribers while remaining anonymous. Rather than use your real name (Susan), you use your pseudonym (Butterscotch or Mustang).

How do I choose a good pseudonym?

The choice of pseudonym belongs to you. We suggest that you keep it vague… Pick Dave over David G., Chuck instead of Charles Darwin. Keep it simple, and remember that it’s not possible to change a pseudonym; you’ll be keeping it for a long, long time…

Note from the team: all names are fictitious, and any resemblance to persons or events current or past is purely coincidental. ;-)

Can other My Space subscribers see my personal information?

Yes, partly. When the discussion forums are activated, and if you participate, other subscribers will be able to access a limited view of your profile: avatar, pseudonym, fields of interest and the little text you supplied concerning yourself (if you completed it). But that’s the only information others will see – cross our hearts!

Now that you mention it, what do I write in About me?

You put what characterizes you best and what you most care about. It’s not a dating site; once again, you can remain vague or not answer… But if you’d like to share what’s important to you, this is the time! A couple of examples:

“I’m intrigued by research: all those discoveries and their applications in everyday life fascinate me, biomimicry more than anything else.”

“I love plants, animals (and butterscotch), I make my own compost, I have a beautiful garden and I want to contribute to biodiversity.”

Here, the rules of netiquette apply.

How do I recover my password

Can’t remember your password? Don’t panic, you can change it! All you have to do is click on Forgot password?, enter your email address, and the instructions you need to follow will be sent to you at your personal inbox.


Your question not on the list? We haven’t answered your question? Not to worry! Write us, specifying in the message subject that it’s for My Space and describing your situation. We’ll be happy to follow up on it with you.